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The Showcase

While obviously your product or service may click with the audience, this is not for advertising.
Contact me via the regular form for business stuff.

We want to see what you (and your pals, that's fine) have made, it's not a method of boosting sales.

There's an FAQ under the form if you're unsure on what to submit


Hey so this is for me to make the big bucks, right?

Not a chance. This is to showcase something someone in the community has made. It's not how you get your first 10 users or whatever.

We want to see what you've made, not necessarily use it.

Can I submit something someone else has made?

No. You must be hands-on involved in the project and must own voting shares in the company if it is registered as one.

Can I submit something I made as part of my regular 9-5?

No. Nobody cares about your employer's products. You're probably also breaking an NDA or something by submitting the form. I'm not touching that.

Make something for yourself!

My employment contract says I don't own anything I make outside of work, I guess I can't submit it?

Your employer's rules are dumb. I can't advise you on that.

I'm not going to tell you to break a contract but if you don't care I don't care.

Can I submit something that's not new?

Yes. As long as it follows the rest of the guidelines that's completely fine.

Priority will be given to submissions that dish the behind the scenes. How do you market the creation, how much does it earn, all the juicy stuff.

Can I submit something that's not made yet?

We've all got ideas dude. Shit or get off the pot.

Will you be kind?

Of course. I understand it is daunting to put something you've created in front of others. As long as you're following the rest of the guidelines the mocking thing is very much just a joke to keep you on your toes. Chances are I just wont show anything that doesn't follow the guidelines.

Breathe, don't panic, submit the form.

What does embargo mean?

If you give me an embargo date I wont show your creation anywhere until after that date. It does not mean that I'll showcase it on that date specifically, I just wont show it before then.

Do I need to give you any sort of special treatment, free account, etc?

Of course not, but I will not be filling out any payment or personal details. Don't get me wrong I've got no problem paying my way, the circumstances just don't allow for it.

To cut a long ramble short I'm not giving you my personal details because I'd end up getting doxxed.

If I can't use your thing I can't showcase your thing.

Can I submit my Twitch stream?

Yes.. with a but.

If your Twitch stream is boring, or isn't anything new or interesting, or just generally sucks I'll let you know.

It'll be a deep dive on you personally. Please do understand this before submitting. It's not about you directly as such, but as you're a big part of the creation we might look at you as a personality. If your personality is boring, you'll probably feel insulted.

Also I'll only do Twitch streams if I'm at the bottom of the barrel. Nobody wants to hear about your Twitch stream unless it's something particularly special tbh